Halfdistance racing back to back

I haven’t done this before and we did not know if and how it would work but I think we did okay. The races were supposed to give us an idea where we are at the moment and if our plan works AND we wanted to get some points for the ranking. At least both did work, first better than second. We now know that I am on a good way, but two 5th places were not what I was racing for. I struggeled both times, due to weather and meeting a jellyfish. But whatever happened, I managed to perform strong till the finish. I had a strong run twice, which gives me confidence for my next races. Now I „only“ need to keep it together on the bike. At least physically I do not feel as if I have raced at all, only my wounds need to heal. So despite the results I am really confident to be on a good way with my preperations for IM Frankfurt and I am really excited how I will perform at my next races (Kraichgau and Indeland) especially in Frankfurt.

Here you get some Impressions from Aix en Provence and Mallorca:


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