before and after IM South Africa – wish I were a pro

I felt like I wanted to write down my schedule leading into the race and coming home, because I don’t think many people know what I take on to live my dream. And I think I am good at it, just I also believe I could be even a better pro triathlete if I don’t had to work that much. But that’s kind of a shame in the sport, you don’t get much support (even not after winning 2 IM, multiple podiums, setting bike course records and the fastest bike split world wide 2016 in an IM and setting the fastest IM-time of the year for your country), there is no funding because it’s not an olympic sport and if you are not on a team it is hard to find brands or private organisations or persons to support you (financially), racing for your country.

If I had a choice I’d do it different but there was none:

Thursday: Taking my exam for neonatology, back home 4h bike ride, 1 ho run, 1.5 h swim

Friday: 4h bike ride, 1h run, 1 h strength, start shift @ 3pm, home 10.30 pm

Saturday: get up 6 am for 6 k run, yoga, 8am shift starts, home @ 9.15pm, some dinner, to bed @ 11pm

Sunday: changing to daylight saving time, 1 h less sleep, get up 7 am, start shift @ 8am, home @11.10pm

Monday: get up @ 6.40 am, breakfast, osteopathic treatment, setting up new saddle and rear hydration, bike trainer session for 3h, lunch, nap, packing, stability & yoga, swim practice, dinner

Tuesday:  breakfast , bike session for 2 h, 1h brick run , yoga, blackroll, pack the bike, drive to FF, fly to SA

Wednesday:  arriving in PE @ 2pm  , 1.5h bike, 30 min brick run 

Thursday:  breakfast, 10 am Physiotherapie, swim , register, rest

Friday: 1.5h bike, 15 min run, 30 min swim, briefing

Saturday: 45 min bike, 15 min run, bike check in

Sunday: race day, get up @3am,  start 6.35 am, not the best swim, moderate bike and run…. 

Monday: rest and awards, paling my bike

Tuesday: flying home

Wednesday: arrive 6.30am in Frankfurt, be home @11.00 am, unpack, lunch, go to work and start shift @3pm, get home 11.30 pm

Thursday get up 6.30 am, go to work run to the doc 3.30 pm

Friday:  stability, yoga, lots of sleep, start nightshift @ 9.45 pm

So after those busy days it is no wonder I get sick a few days later. It is just a cold, but it costs 3 of my off-days from clinic when I had the possibility to just train and rest.

Always hard to find time for recovery but doing my best to rest 😉

Nor worries, I’ll be back!!

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