The championship double – Das WM-Doppel

Planing 2017 we were quite sure I will not race the 70.3 world championship. But it came totally different. Well, in my latest blogs you can read about my injury during the off-season and heading into the season as well as my crash and following injury in June so I had to cancel my summer races. Luckily my muscle did heal fast and I am back to training and the preparation for Kona has not been effected too much. Kona is the big race for me this year and starting as well at the IM 70.3 WC does not change my plans in any way. We decided to go there to have a chance racing against the best athletes of the world before going to Kona, to see how much speed is left and feel the spirit of racing. I always enjoy racing the best and strongest athletes. I won’t be in a perfect form for racing the middle distance but I’ll give it a shot 😉

Having done only one race this year so far I am very excited heading to these two big events. I will open the second half of the year with the Promo at Triathlon Eupen, a sprint distance near my home and I am really excited about that as well, not having done any shorter races and speed work for some time 😉

I feel fresh, fit an healthy. You might wonder what have caused my injury. After having time to think about it a lot, me and my team are kind of sure that it was due to the stress I put onto my shoulders. It is not always easy to handle your job AND sport and the stress level in my job did rise kind of high during the last year, which I did not notice earlier. I did wonder for a long time why it happened when I did not do any sports, taking time off after the 2016 season, but there is this phenomenon that your body works as long as you need it until you give it a rest. Thats our theory at least. Since I monitor my training stress, heart rate and sleep quality already for a long time, I try to keep track of my stress level and adjust my training load to avoid overtraining and keeping the risk of injuries low.

I have learned a lot too and made a decision which I am not going to tell you today, but you will notice soon. Since I made this decision I feel free and balanced again 🙂

I hope you find your balance! See you soon,


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